About our Instructors

Our instructors have each been students of Sensei Mayne and Sensei Iha for at least 25 years. As a newcomer, you will receive one-on-one private instruction as part of every class. Up until 2010, the ranking of each of our instructors was tested in person by Seikichi Iha and granted by Hanshi (Grand Master) Katsuya Miyahira prior to his passing in 2010. Since that time, all blackbelt testing has been personally conducted and validated by Hanshi Seikichi Iha.

Hanshi Allen Mayne

9th Dan (Hanchi) and Branch Director, Mr. Mayne began studying karate in 1978 at age of 12 with Mr. Michael Griffin, a senior student of Master Seikichi Iha. In 1985 he began studying directly under Sensei Iha and opened a dojo in Grand Rapids at 1153 Giddings, where he taught for 9 years. In 1994 he renovated the current school at 5990 Division Ave SE.

Sensei Michael Dantuma

Mike (8th Dan) began practicing 1983 under Allen Mayne, Michael Griffin and Sensei Iha. He has been with the school since its inception, and also taught at the University of Michigan while attending law school.

Sensei Mark Talbot

Mark (7th Dan) began studying in 1989 under Senseis Seikichi Iha and Gus Kouklis in Lansing Michigan. He arrived at the Grand Rapids dojo in 1992 under Sensei Mayne and Griffin, and has practiced and taught here since.

Sensei Scott Morey

Scott, a 6th Dan, studying in 1988 at Michigan State University under Sensei Gus Kouklis, a senior student of Sensei Iha. He arrived at the Grand Rapids dojo in 1991 as a student of senseis Mayne and Griffin, and has practiced and taught here since that time.